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86: Eighty Six – Production Notes 01-03

86: Eighty Six packs a fairly compelling war story with a surprisingly nuanced political message. And this is how its team is streamlining it and amplifying its impact, with direction that emphasizes perspective and tonal shifts to make you viscerally feel the inequality.

The Best Action Anime Director You Don’t Know Of And The Generational Animation Talent Everyone Will Soon Know Of – Tropical Rouge Precure 29 Production Notes

What if an overlooked action expert directed a thrilling episode, effortlessly switching between momentousness and hilarity? What if a generational animation talent invited his best peers to his animation direction debut? What if that wasn’t hypothetical, but the latest episode of Tropical Rouge Precure?

SSSS.DYNAZENON – Production Notes 05-09

The time has come for another deep dive on SSSS.Dynazenon‘s production: a mix of unique in-house Trigger talent and outside help, working in conjunction to create a show where the animation, writing, structure, and even the staff allocation responds to (and subverts!) existing expectations.

SSSS.DYNAZENON – Production Notes 01-04

SSSS.Dynazenon is an already fascinating follow-up to 2018’s Gridman, an equally evocative love letter to tokusatsu and mecha titles that wears its Anno influences in its sleeves, while also being in conversation with its predecessor. Let’s see how the project came to be, the way they derived the show’s themes and focus from the creator’s passions of youth, and also its fortunate production.

Wonder Egg Priority – Production Notes 04-07

Most Wonder Egg Priority episodes so far have been fantastic first time showings by newbie directors, but what is it about this team’s approach that allows them to channel fresh creative energy so much better than their peers? And at the same time, what are the logistical and even thematical problems derived from their approach?