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Winter 2020 Anime Preview

I don’t remember giving permission to 2020 to start, but since it’s gone and done that, I suppose it’s time to curate all the new TV and web anime offerings to find those with the most interesting creators and premises. So, what are the most promising Winter 2020 anime?

Masaaki Yuasa And Science Saru At Their Most Sincere: Ride Your Wave [Annecy 2019]

We got to watch Masaaki Yuasa’s new delightful movie Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara / Ride Your Wave and had to write about the sincerity of its craft and its storytelling, how it intertwined its character relationships and visual vocabulary, and the place it occupies in Yuasa and Science Saru’s body of work. No spoilers beyond the pivotal event present in every synopsis and promotional video!