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SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 12 And Final Impressions

SSSS.GRIDMAN‘s finale gave the show emotional, thematic, and even narrative closure for the viewers who paid attention to all the pieces we’ve been presented, while also offering some impressive action as the production’s final gift. These are our final thoughts on studio TRIGGER’s magnum opus, a proud heir of the Gainax spirit that was so sorely missed.

SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 10-11

We’re approaching the end of SSSS.GRIDMAN at full force, with barely any time to breathe but still enough for you to enjoy this penultimate look at the series. Let’s examine the directorial and production choices as usual, the staff behind them, but also the context at studio TRIGGER that influenced how this show turned out – not just their current projects, but those that might come next.

SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 9

SSSS.GRIDMAN casually dropped one of the most memorable episodes of the year, a tour de force of evocative layouts and energetic animation that managed to make a hateful villain into a sympathetic person as if it were easy. Let’s explore this show’s greatest episode, the team behind them, and the industry movement it represents.

SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 8

SSSS.GRIDMAN‘s not losing any momentum, with interesting new reveals boosted by very purposeful directorial choices… but also quite the controversy (or not really) regarding the production that we thought should be addressed before it gets out of hand.

SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 5-7

Now that it’s finally revaling its mysteries, SSSS.GRIDMAN‘s more intriguing than ever. Let’s delve back into the series with another in-depth look at its secrets, the directorial principles that make is so engrossing, the ups and downs of outsourcing process, and a few more behind the scene matters that explain what’s happening on the screen.

SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 3-4

SSSS.GRIDMAN has maintained its fascinating identity even when handed to other directors and different studios altogether, still combining all the nostalgic factors with some new ingredients. Let’s continue examining its production to see how they’ve brought back lost arts while at the same time also advancing certain techniques!

SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 1-2

SSSS.GRIDMAN is proving to be one of the most intriguing offerings this year. A rich creative effort drawing from multiple stylistic currents and mixing them in a way that feels so natural that people are likely to overlook how outstanding this is. Let’s take a deep dive on the first episodes and explore the direct correlation between certain production choices and the show’s bewitching atmosphere!

SSSS.DYNAZENON – Production Notes 05-09

The time has come for another deep dive on SSSS.Dynazenon‘s production: a mix of unique in-house Trigger talent and outside help, working in conjunction to create a show where the animation, writing, structure, and even the staff allocation responds to (and subverts!) existing expectations.