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Revue Starlight Production Notes 10-12

Revue Starlight has come to an end – a miracle in and of itself according to the people behind the show. Let’s delve into the show one last time to see how all the adverse circumstances and the staff’s own quirks influenced this show, for better and for worse. Time to bid farewell to a very special show!

Revue Starlight Production Notes 8-9

Revue Starlight‘s second to last arc came to an end, so it’s time to delve into its production again to find out the secret behind its bewitching successes, who they’re owed to, but also the problems the team keeps suffering through. Enjoy this write-up peppered with behind the scenes details!

Revue Starlight Production Notes 6-7

Revue Starlight reached its mid-climax with an astonishing episode that changed absolutely everything while at the same time respecting everything that built up to it. A genius move that was achieved, to the surprise of many fans, while saving energy production-wise. Just how did they achieve that?! Find out about it!

Revue Starlight Production Notes 4-5

Revue Starlight has begun developing its central relationships, entrusting the most inventive creators at their disposal with key episodes. The fascinating, very deliberate madness they put together is a collective success, but not even their camaraderie is enough to fully make up for the very serious production struggles the team is suffering.

Revue Starlight Production Notes 2-3

Revue Starlight keeps on cruising under the command of very skillful rookies, creating one memorable scene after the other. But as admirable as their ambition is and the generally excellent results they’ve had so far, we can’t avert our eyes from the severe struggles the team is facing either. Let’s recap all that’s been going with this production, the very good and the less fortunate!

Revue Starlight Production Notes 1

The most dazzling show of the season and perhaps 2018 altogether has finally arrived! But where does all of Revue Starlight‘s theatrical goodness laced with a palpable Ikuhara touch come from, and exactly what’s so impressive about it? That’s what we’ll be here to address all season long!

Production Highlights – Symphogear XV 01

Symphogear has returned in spectacular fashion, reminding us to never forget the song in our hearts by bringing with it one of the best-produced episodes in the series so far. Join as we explore what makes this episode stand out, as well as why the series’ final season is looking to be its most visually enticing yet!

Summer 2019 Anime Preview

You know what time is it: our lengthy summer 2019 anime preview examining all the new shows that have gathered exceptional creators, the ones that have allowed interesting ideas to meet capable teams, and those that have simply caught our eye for some reason or the other.

Sarazanmai Production Notes 03-06

Sarazanmai coverage is back with an extensive analysis of Kunihiko Ikuhara’s storytelling practices, the contributions of other creators involved, the meaning hiding behind certain recurring imagery, the state of the production, and some speculation fueled by endlessly rewatching this fascinating cartoon.

Spring 2019 Anime Preview

With the Spring 2019 anime season already underway, it’s time to ask the usual question: where are the most interesting creators hiding, and which are the productions to look out for? Let’s find out what this new wave of anime is all about, delving pretty deeply in some cases.