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Shorts as a Creative Venue – Part 3

We’ve covered a number of chapters in the story of shorts so far, from the first boom that put them on the map to begin with, to how that legacy was carried and expanded upon over the years. We’ve also seen multiple mentions throughout regarding Yama no Susume’s position as the most integral part of the story, yet never truly delved into why that’s the case. Worry not, though. I don’t want you to just take my word for it…

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Shorts as a Creative Venue – Part 2

Last time we took a look at how the history of short anime, which had been rather unremarkable up until this point despite some interesting exceptions, encountered a paradigm shift in 2013 that lead to the proliferation to many auteur-led projects and the embracement of digital-focused animation, which was still seen as relatively unconventional at the time. We also completely skipped over Yama no Susume, another integral factor to this new era and arguably the most crucial part of the story overall, so…

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Shorts as a Creative Venue – Part 1

Making distinctions between the industry’s creative venues may seem somewhat pointless, as anime’s format seemingly only affects the delivery of a story rather than its content. Leaving aside further arguments about inherent structure quirks though, even that seems a bit naive when you consider the increasing production struggles that plague TV anime nowadays. The industry as it is simply won’t allow each and every project to reach their full potential. For every success like Space Dandy – well, creative success anyway – we see titles like…

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Fate Grand Order: Babylonia #05 And Shouta Umehara: Heroes In the Trenches

Renowned series directors, main writers of notoriety, ace animators in various positions, perhaps some painters acting as art directors or designers – there are some individuals whose name alone can generate excitement, but it’s reserved to a select crew. So how come fans and industry folks alike are clamoring about Fate Grand Order: Babylonia #05’s production assistant, even though that’s anime’s most undervalued role? Let’s learn about how people like Shouta Umehara can make a difference in the field!

Fate/Apocrypha – Episode 22

There’s no need to hold back on the praise for this: Fate/Apocrypha #22 was the best animated episode of anime in 2017, one of the greatest outings in general terms, and a genuinely significant moment for this industry. So as much as we find the production notes format useful to provide you the important points of all the shows we cover, this time we’re offering an even more in-depth write-up about everything that made this episode so special. Enjoy!

Just Because! And The TV Anime Problem: Living Characters, Dead Production

Severe production issues are never a comfortable topic, because the anime industry is filled with people who are genuinely struggling and that we shouldn’t make light of. But they’re also something we can’t gloss over either, so I’d like to use the latest news about a production disaster to clear up that particular situation and discuss the double edged sword of thorough character acting in TV anime. Whether you’ve been following Just Because! or not, you might want to pay…

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Keep Dreaming – Why The Million Live Anime Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

Tokyo Game Show is currently underway, bringing with it a wave of news related to Japan’s top gaming IPs. A wave everyone’s prepared to ride under normal circumstances, but that got a bit derailed by an unexpected announcement: The [email protected] franchise will see a brand new theatre branch added to its ranks in 2018, as an addition to the current 765AS (original flavour), Cinderella Girls, Million Live, and SideM. This has once again sparked the arguments on why won’t Namco simply focus…

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Fate/Apocrypha – Production Notes 3

We’re still pacing our way through the show’s introduction, judging by how most of this episode was setup for things to come. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about, however! The state of the production itself is becoming increasingly clear, not to mention the appearance of a surprise star!

A Look at the Sakuga and Animation of 2016

Welcome one, welcome all! It’s that time of the year once again, where we wonder how we managed to spend all that holiday money already while steeling ourselves mentally for the inevitable hangover on New Year’s Day. For those of us who like to dabble in a bit of sakuga shenanigans, it’s also that time of the year where Kraker2k bullies us into compiling our thoughts on the shows and people who stood out most throughout the year, a process…

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