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86: Eighty Six – Production Notes 01-03

86: Eighty Six packs a fairly compelling war story with a surprisingly nuanced political message. And this is how its team is streamlining it and amplifying its impact, with direction that emphasizes perspective and tonal shifts to make you viscerally feel the inequality.

Fall 2017 Anime Preview

Every new season we do our best to curate the massive wave of new TV anime, so you know which projects don’t only have interesting premises, but also the staff to allow them to flourish and an environment where production isn’t at risk of crashing. Many interesting creators have gathered this season on projects you might not have paid attention to, so don’t miss this special feature!

Anime Staff Rundown April/May 2017

We’re back yet again to highlight the most promising episodes of ongoing TV series based off their staff, including the lineups published on official magazines as well as a bit of insider info. Some action series like HeroAca and Rage of Bahamut keep on benefitting from solid schedules, and there’s also a couple of very surprising creators showing up in other series within the next weeks.