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Fall 2021 Anime Overview

The Fall 2021 anime season is frontloaded with a few truly exceptional creative efforts, then chockful of titles with interesting teams having to brawl with this industry’s circumstances. Let’s dive deep into a season that, for the good and the bad, is very representative of anime’s current state.

Winter 2019 Anime Preview

The Winter 2019 season is already starting, so we’re back to do our usual job: figuring out which new titles have premises with high potential and creative crews that can do them justice, to save you the headache of doing it yourself! Let’s run down the most interesting offerings this season, both the ones you’re already expecting and some curious surprises.

ACCA – Production Notes 10 & 11

Five outsourced episodes out of twelve is certainly not a ratio to be proud of, as even very subpar productions tend to rely less on full subcontracting. However, what Madhouse can be proud of is the quality of the episodes they did animate in-house.