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Tsurune Production Notes 2-7

Now that Tsurune‘s past its halfway point, it’s time to return to the series to examine various aspects; how the staff want to balance the meticulous depiction of Japanese archery with entertaining experiences and characterization, the intent behind the storyboards, the state of the production as a whole, and so on!

SSSS.GRIDMAN Production Notes 9

SSSS.GRIDMAN casually dropped one of the most memorable episodes of the year, a tour de force of evocative layouts and energetic animation that managed to make a hateful villain into a sympathetic person as if it were easy. Let’s explore this show’s greatest episode, the team behind them, and the industry movement it represents.

Tsurune Production Notes 1

Tsurune‘s pleasant and surprisingly efficient first episode is yet another showcase of the importance of execution. An inspired directorial effort that makes no effort in hiding its inspirations and yet establishes an identity of its own, led by a team with more newcomers than you’d ever imagine. Who are they, and what should we expect?

SakuQ&A: Anime Industry and Production Questions #5

Our Q&A service is back after some delays, but once again so loaded with anime industry questions that we’ll splitting the answers into two posts. For now, let’s address R&D in the anime industry, the process of delivery of animation materials, the role of layouts in Japanese animation and some more specific creator and studio inquiries.

A Look at the Sakuga and Animation of 2018

Welcome back to the most special post of the year! As is tradition, we’ve gathered writers from different communities but a shared trait: a love of animation and all it encompasses. The goal, to praise at length the greatest productions and most resonant direction in all of 2018 anime, according to a series of categories. These are our yearly anime awards – the sakugabowl!