Kevin Cirugeda / kViN / Yuyucow: Main writer, in charge of most of the regular columns. Sakugabooru admin.

Disgaeamad: Regular writer, focusing on essays about animation. Translator of interviews and JP articles we deem interesting. Sakugabooru moderator. Irn-Bru connoisseur.

liborek: Regular writer, covering specific series, industry knowledge and rumors, a wide variety of topics. Sakugabooru moderator.

kraker2k: Occasional writer. Sakugabooru admin. I swear he exists.

aers: He actually makes the sites work. Sakugabooru admin.

Good Haro: Freelance translator, as well about a million other jobs. President of the Hadaka Shitsuji fanclub.

megax: Translations, industry and business writeups. Works way too much so I worry about him.