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Sarazanmai Production Notes 07-08

We’re back with another lengthy Sarazanmai piece that focuses on Kunihiko Ikuhara’s unique storytelling, including shortcomings that the team is aware of and is attempting to address in an interesting, thematically-appropriate way. As usual, plenty of production & staff details and all sorts of fun speculation too!

Sarazanmai Production Notes 03-06

Sarazanmai coverage is back with an extensive analysis of Kunihiko Ikuhara’s storytelling practices, the contributions of other creators involved, the meaning hiding behind certain recurring imagery, the state of the production, and some speculation fueled by endlessly rewatching this fascinating cartoon.

Sarazanmai Production Notes 01

Sarazanmai marks the return of Kunihiko Ikuhara, one of anime’s most brilliant and socially conscious directors. While it’s still too early to unravel his many playful mysteries, we had to take our time to detail his team’s unique directorial approach and address some deeply rooted misunderstandings about the production.

Animation Awards 2019 Day One: Best Episode, Opening & Ending, And Creator Discovery

Our yearly animation awards gather writers from all around the world to highlight the animated works that resonated with them the most – and this time we’re taking them to the next level, by including the insight of various anime industry members, from a production assistant to animators and even directors. We’ve split the results into three posts so that the result is easier to disgest, so today we’re presenting the best TV episodes of 2019, the opening and ending…

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